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We played two games yesterday that I hadn't played before.

The first was Saboteur, where we were dwarves digging tunnels to reach gold in a mine. On each turn, we could lay a tunnel, blow up a tunnel or sabotage other players' tools so they were unable to dig. Three of us were working together towards the common goal of reaching the gold, but the other two turned out to be saboteurs, trying to stop us. I'm not usually a fan of secret traitor games, but in this one it became very obvious very quickly who the saboteurs were, and then it was just a game of wits and luck rather than suspicion. We only played one round of what was supposed to be a multi-round game, but it was fun, and would be a good time filler on another occasion.

Then we played The Crystal Maze in two teams of four, with one person as the maze master - and it was awesome! We each got to take on two puzzles of the classic Crystal Maze types, there were lock-ins, nail-biting time challenges, and then an excellent simulation of the dome where we picked up silver and gold tokens with suckers on the end of plastic hands. It was tremendous run, and a real team effort, and I would definitely play again if the opportunity arose.

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