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Two new games exchanged and played over Christmas!

I spotted Meeple Circus at a board games cafe a few months ago, but couldn't persuade my companions to play it with me, so I asked for it for Christmas and we played on Christmas Day. It is absolutely ridiculous, but lots of fun. You collect components (differently skilled acrobats, animals and props like balloons and barrels), then try to fulfil requests from the audience by piling them up in various configurations within a time limit. It's more strategic than I expected, and I really enjoyed creating circus acts, as well as admiring those of my opponents. The app has bouncy circus music to denote the time limit for building acts, but there's a bug in it that drained my phone's battery in minutes and heated it up to alarming levels. So, before we play it again at New Year, we'll need to identify a different way to sort out the timer. Not an insurmountable problem, though, and I shall look forward to introducing the game to more people.

Charterstone is a legacy worker placement game that was recommended to me by multiple different sources over the course of the year, so I bought it for my brother for Christmas, with a view to arranging regular meet-ups to play the twelve legacy games throughout 2019. We played the first game yesterday, which I had been told was a bit tedious but also very short. Four of us played, with two of us taking two characters each (for subsequent games there will be three of us playing two characters each), as I had been told by others who have played that it's better to have all the characters in. Only about the first quarter of the game was tedious, but it took us about four hours to play. Over the course of the game, you collect resources to build more buildings (which are stuck directly onto the board), recruit assistants (whom you get to name, along with your characters), achieve objectives, and generally collect points and reputation. After the initial grinding, I absolutely loved how the game progressed, and I can't wait to play more. We'll have to wait till February for our next instalment, though, as we're already pretty well booked up for January. I'm looking forward in particular to discovering the rest of the minions. Bee-dah, bee-dah, bee-dah!

Hopefully, there will be more new games to play and review at New Year!

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