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An excellent day was had by all at Olympia Horse Show yesterday.

We spent a lot of time (as we always do) backseat horseriding - commenting on the horses' confirmation, the riders' form, the height and spacing of the fences, the difficulty of the course turns, and whether or not the staff were putting the poles back properly any time they were knocked down.

The jump-off for the FEI World Cup was quite a nail-biter, with one of the younger Whitakers taking the title, beating his uncle Michael by a whole second (I bet he's going to be hearing about that at Christmas dinner!).

I picked the winner of the Shetland Pony Grand National - he led the whole way and nobody could challenge him.

Instead of the evil French guy who forces horses who clearly hate him to do tricks, we got a lovely Spanish guy who did the same with horses who clearly loved him, which was a huge improvement. The trick riders of Azerbaijan were very impressive and had some refreshing gender equality amongst their troupe.

Awesome entertainment all round! Always a highlight of the year.

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