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We went to see the new animated Spiderverse movie on Friday night - and it was *awesome*.

Perhaps a little frenetic in places (I did feel on occasion like I was watching a 3D film without the glasses), but that was part and parcel of the whole insane ride. It was consistently hilarious, also managing to have quite a bit of depth and character development along the way. I had been spoilered for some quite late-on stuff by the trailer, which was a shame, but it was still absolutely brilliant. By far the best film I've seen in ages.

I loved the way the animation style kept changing to suit the different characters, I loved all the spider-people, especially Spiderman Noir. The plot made no sense, but that fit with the tone as well. There was tons of diversity, great female and non-white characters, and so many references and in-jokes that I was aware I missed the significance of a lot of them. But I didn't really care, and it was very entertaining to listen to Dave corpsing all over the place next to me, even if I didn't fully appreciate what he was laughing at.

The humour covered all spectrums, so this film should definitely appeal to adults as well as kids. And it was just a really clever, well put together romp.

Wonderful stuff.

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