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The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton has garnered a lot of attention since its publication and is very popular by all accounts. It tells the story of Nella, arriving as a new wife to a household in Amsterdam in the late 1600s and has some similarities to The Girl With The Pearl Earring in terms of the domestic politics and web of secrets within the house. But Nella's position and attitudes are very different to the servant girl of the other book, and The Miniaturist has a very modern sensibility to it. It is quite feminist in nature, in a way that the characters would not have been aware if they were truly of their time. It also has a sense of creeping dread and the ambiguity of whether or not the miniaturist's activities are supernatural. I did find it compelling, and very well written. I was invested in the characters and found the story intriguing. But I also found myself rushing towards the end, more interested in finding out what happened than in letting the words unfold properly in my imagination. Still, overall an impressive book with a lot of excellent detail. Not very jolly but a good read nonetheless.

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