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Considering this is a play that's been running continually in the West End for over 65 years, and is based on an Agatha Christie novel, it seems odd that I knew absolutely nothing about it going into the theatre last night.

The set is entirely static and takes place in just one room of a guest house, but the use of doors and windows, and the various movements of the eight cast members kept the play active. The performances were good and the tension was high. I didn't predict the ending, but it was satisfyingly obvious once it was revealed.

The very ending seemed abrupt and unnecessarily silly, but my main problem with the play was the huge plot hole I spotted when thinking about it again this morning. There was something that should have prompted one of the characters to act much more quickly, and then the whole thing would have been avoided. We would obvioulsy then not have had a play, but it did make it seem somewhat ridiculous that it went on as long as it did.

Still, I enjoyed it overall!

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