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I've discovered quite a lot of 'roll and write' games this year. These are dice-based, involving combinations of symbols or patterns, which you then mark off on your laminated score sheet with a wipeable marker pen.

Yesterday, I was introduced to Roll Through The Ages, which has a mechanic a bit like Yahtzee, in that you have the option to re-roll some or all of your dice twice before settling on your final selection. But it's quite a bit more complicated than that, because you then have to feed your cities with the food produced by the roll, use your workers to build more cities or monuments, and spend good and/or money to buy developments that will help you later in the game. There's quite a lot packed onto the score sheet, but I made it a lot more complicated than it needed to be by being very tired (it was after 11pm at this point, and I'd been up since 4:30am). Still, I enjoyed it overall and got the hang of it eventually, and I'd happily play again.

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