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Last night, we went to see Ant Man and The Wasp, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun, exciting, funny and clever. I went in deciding not to try and pull it to pieces (and there was a *lot* that didn't make any sense, if I was so inclined) and had a really good time. I was particularly impressed by the use of things and people changing sizes. It was employed in many more innovative, surprising and really cool ways than in the first movie. And I think that's all I have to say about it.

I also just finished reading The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennett by Kate Rorick and Rachel Kiley. It's a follow-up to the web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, which I loved when it originally aired, and which Dave and I rewatched fairly recently. Dave discovered this book and loved it, so bought me a copy and put it on my reading shelf to prompt me to read it too. It had one aspect that was immediately off-putting - namely that the narrative kept switching tenses from past to present and back again, multiple times per page, and sometimes within one sentence. It took me a while to get past that, but I persevered and ended up quite enjoying the book overall. I wasn't that invested in Lydia as a character in the web series, so the story of what happened to her afterwards didn't draw me in that much. But it's a well-drawn portrayal of a young woman struggling with the aftermath of trauma, and trying to find her path in life. I wasn't always engaged by Lydia's approach to telling the story, and there were some aspects of the plot that I wasn't keen on, but the journey she takes has compelling parts, and came to a satisfying conclusion.

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