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Juliet and I presented ourselves at Cutter and Squidge on Brewer Street last night for our immersive afternoon tea experience in The Potion Room.

The website describes the experience thusly:

"You are invited to attend a Potions Class at the Cutter & Squidge secret School of Wizarding Alchemy, where delicious food and magical potions combine in our wonderful and exclusive world of fantasy."

It's very obviously meant to invoke Harry Potter and Hogwarts, though equally clearly avoiding any direct references.

The room itself was gorgeously decked out with shelved packed with vials and bottles, we had desks with ingredients laid out, and we were given a robe and a wand each. We mixed two potions, then had an excellent afternoon tea on a tiered serving platter, and the witch in charge of us was excellent throughout.

I particularly liked the way she came round to speak to each pair of us in turn, and then used bits of what we said in the final spell of the session.

My contribution was that caribou toenails are an excellent potion ingredient as they imbue the mixture with an essence of endurance for traversing the rocky mountains of life.

Great fun, brilliantly presented, and the food was really good, too!

Date: 2018-06-24 06:05 am (UTC)
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That sounds like so much fun :)

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