Jan. 29th, 2007

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I've never been that keen on Anne McCaffrey. I found the Pern books boring and the Ship books way too sad, but a few years ago my brother recommended the Catteni sequence and it was excellent. I've just finished reading the first book for second time, and I enjoyed it just as much as before.

One of my favourite stock storylines is the one where a disparate group of people get stranded in unfamiliar territory and have to build a society to survive, and Freedom's Landing is an excellent example of this. It's got interesting alien races, a good premise, dynamic protagonists and even a refreshingly non-sappy romance to boot.

It's got great pace, an interesting mystery, and a fantastic description of how people band together to overcome adversity (not without a few troublemakers and unexpected problems, of course). The way they set up and maintain their society on the planet they are dropped on is brilliantly portrayed and of far more interest to me than the mystery of the farming machines.

Highly recommended, though I admit I can't remember if the other books in the series are as good.

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