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It took a few weeks, but I finished listening to Exo, the last in the Jumper series by Stephen Gould. I enjoyed it overall, but there was way too much technical detail and not nearly enough plot. The audiobook was nearly 16 hours long, and could be entirely summarised by saying, "Cent creates a teleportation-based space programme."

Now, that's pretty cool, and a lot of what she does is very interesting. I certainly learned a lot about different levels of atmosphere, and different types of orbits. But there isn't really a cohesive plot that ties the book together, and there's very little conflict or jeopardy (at least until very briefly right at the end), so it feels more like a thought experiment than a story.

My favourite part of the book was the sub-plot about Cent's grandmother and how she's affected by the abilities of her family. Sam made for an excellent addition to the series cast, and she was by far the most appealing and had the best arc.

I still enjoyed spending time with these characters, and Cent's activities were very impressive and intellectually fascinating. But I did get lost in all the science, and tuned out a bit during some of the denser exposition. Good book series in general, though - especially if you like technical explanations!

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