Oct. 14th, 2007

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I really wasn't in the right frame of mind for riding Herbie this morning.  The other two people in my lesson both had gorgeous, forward-going horses who did everthing asked of them first time.  Why don't I get to ride horses like that?  I got stuck with a lump of a Herbie, who was in go-slow mode.  I was exhausted after ten minutes, and about ready to kill him by the end of the lesson.

We did walk to canter transitions about half way through.  After six or seven attempts, Herbie finally did a perfect walk to canter.  I shouted, "Yes!"  And Kerry said, "You're on the wrong leg."  Gah!!!

When we'd finished all the exercises, Kerry told us to start winding the horses down gradually.  My response to that was, "If I wind down any further, I won't be moving..."

At the end of the lesson, Kerry told me I need to be more assertive.  So, I went up to the office and assertively asked Maria if I can have a break from riding Herbie and Abbey for a while.  She agreed far too readily - so I expect I'll be on Madison next time!

I feel like I've been riding the same horses over and over, so I thought I'd check the stats and find out:

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