Sep. 11th, 2007

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Went to see Holding Fire at the Globe last night, which was an excellent experience just from the fact that I've never been there before.  It was just like being on a set from Doctor Who!  :o)

Anyway, the play was rather odd - it had several barely connected threads and was very fragmented, often skipping large periods of time and coming back to the story after lots of dramatic things had apparently occurred offstage.  Overall, it was interesting and well-done, though, and the way the actors mingled with the audience was fun and effective.  You couldn't pay me enough to take one actor's job - he gets hanged every night, which has got to be a bit nervewracking, even with a harness!

On the book front, I finished Superheroes and Philosophers.  I think I shall take a break from these types of books now, as they do tend to get repetitive after a while.  They all seem to trot out the same philosophical arguments, which I've now seen applied to Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Stargate, Firefly, and random superheroes.  It's fun and interesting the first couple of times, but does get a bit tedious after a while.  Additionally, since this book took the entirety of superhero history as its theme, there was less in depth analysis of the type you find in the books that focus on just one show/series of books.

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