Apr. 8th, 2007

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I rediscovered in this morning's riding lesson that Boysie can be a bit of an arse. Half the time, I had to kick him to get him moving and, the other half the time, I had to hold him back from going too fast. I couldn't seem to find a balance, and he was fighting against the bit all the way. Still, we weren't asked to do anything too taxing today (which ordinarily might have been a bit boring, but suited my lack of energy today) and the canter transition we did was perfect, so all in all not too bad a lesson.

I quite like Matt as an instructor - he made quite a lot of effort to help us improve our positions and made sure each of us got some individual comments thrown our way. He's not as good as Dominic and, as stated above, the lessons wasn't all that interesting, but I'd rather have him than several of the other instructors I've had at Trent Park.

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