Jan. 28th, 2007

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I was originally going to boycott The Pursuit of Happyness because of the spelling mistake in the title, but then Empire said it was explained in the film, so then I had to go and see it to find out. The answer wasn't particularly meaningful, but it was nice to know that the mistake annoyed the protagonist as much as it did me.

The film was good - very well acted and emotive. But it wasn't interesting or suspenseful. The whole plot was entirely predictable and I didn't even get any sense of real satisfaction out of the conclusion. There were also various things that weren't explained - such as, when the main character was completely broke and sleeping in a homeless shelter, where did he leave his five-year-old son during the day? Because he surely couldn't keep paying for day care when he only had $21 in his bank account.

There was also one very small moment involving Captain America that really made me cry and which I'm trying to forget about. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to have me in bits, it's small children losing their toys. Don't ask me why - maybe it's just because I'm sappy and pathetic, but it gets me every time. I had to give Bear an extra special hug when I got home, and he's sitting next to the keyboard as I type. Yes, pathetic am I.

Anyway, overall the film probably falls in to the category of good, but I didn't really like it that much.

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