Jan. 17th, 2007

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Two nights ago, we watched Dreamscape, which Dave had asked me to get him for Christmas. Wow, Dennis Quaid was never that young! Whoever wrote the score had obviously just been given a synthesiser and was trying out all the different tricks it could do, and it was all rather preposterously silly, but it's always fun to see Christopher Plummer being evil and overall it was quite entertaining.

Then, last night, we watched Hue and Cry. Ah, they don't make films like the Ealing Comedies any more! It contained lines like, "I don't think you're really a bad lad, just a bit demented." It also involved much running around and yelling, comedy policemen, misunderstandings, dastardly plots that were foiled at the last minute by plucky young kids, etc, etc. Alastair Sim was fabulous as the eccentric writer - upon being told that his serialised stories were being used as a code by an evil gang, he snatched a copy of the latest edition, scanned it and sighed tragically, "Oh, horror! A split infinitive!" Wonderful stuff!

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