Feb. 16th, 2017

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The category for February in the Wordy Birds reading challenge was a book with animals in it. Three Moments of an Explosion is a short story collection by China Mieville, and several of the stories feature animals, so I hope that counts!

Some of the stories I loved, some I hated, and some I didn’t understand at all, which is about par for the course with my response to Mieville’s writing. Several of his books are among my all-time favourites, whereas there are others I didn’t get on with at all, so I suppose a short story collection was likely to be quite literally a mixed bag.

Interestingly, the stories that featured animals were the ones I liked least.

‘Sacken’ tells of a couple who go on holiday and accidentally disturb the restless spirit of a woman who was drowned in a sack with various animals. I think it was a cat, a dog and a snake, though I didn’t want to revisit the story to check. It’s horribly creepy, and has really stayed with me, and not in a good way.

‘After The Festival’ is about three people who are possessed by the heads of animals that they wear as part of a weird street festival. Enough said.

‘Estate’ depicts the hunting of flaming stags, their antlers set alight before they are released into the streets of cities around the world to be tracked down by young malcontents. It’s pretty graphic in places, and very unpleasant.

My favourite of the stories was ‘Dreaded Outcome’, which doesn’t have any animals in it at all, but tells the tale of a therapist who identifies people she feels are obstacles to her patients’ recovery - and assassinates them.

Many of the stories were quite nebulous - an intriguing premise explored up to a point, but not really explained or resolved. This generally doesn’t bother me in fiction as, done well, it can create quite a powerful impact and leave you both satisfied and unsatisfied in a way that kind of works. Overall, the collection felt like a series of brief windows into China Mieville’s mind, which is a weird and quite disturbing, but also fascinating, place.

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